October 2022

Completely Off Topic

Yesterday, I took my mom to the ophthalmologist for her routine check up.  The doctor's office is located in a two story building that's filled with other doctors.  As we were leaving, we stepped into the hall where this elderly woman - so frail with her cane - was asking a question to another woman, who happened to have been assisting her mother in a wheelchair.  This frail, elderly woman was looking for the neurologist.  She seemed so lost, and she said she thought she was in the right place, and by the way, I am nearly deaf.

Winner -Knotted Pearl Bracelet

I think my time in hosting Giveaways' is coming to an end....not too many takers this time!  

For today, I have chosen the winner of this Knotted Pearl Bracelet!

The Winner is:

Kay Wills Cooke!

Kay - please send me your address (my email is: pattivan@verizon.net) and I will get this out to you!


Thanks for stopping by!



Giveaway - This time, the prize is pearls!

While perusing my Facebook memories the other day, it reminded me that the first time I ever knotted pearls was just four years ago.  Since that time, I have researched and found several different ways to achieve a gorgeous piece of knotted jewelry! That's one thing I really enjoy about jewelry design (and construction)...there is more than one way to do things! And...I found yet another way to knot the pearls using two threads of silk, and this is now my favorite method (so far!!) The knots are nearly perfect and not a single tool was used! :)

Winner of my Artisan Pod and Crystal Pendant!

Once, again, thank you everyone for taking the time to comment, either via Facebook or my last Blog post.  The winner of the luscious artisan glass pod and Swarovski crystal pendant necklace is::




Melodie Miller!

Melodie, please email me (pattivan@verizon.net) with your postal address and this will be out in the mail to you promptly!

Thanks for stopping by!





Welcome October - and a New Giveaway!

I miss Instagram since being booted for no reason last month.  I followed TONS of people - lots of jewelry designers and lapidaries (gemstone cutters) - and I truly feel like I am out of the loop these days.  I tried opening another account...again.  I had every intention of keeping my account private...NOT to post images/reels...just to follow others again (did not want to be booted for no reason a third time)! I even opened a new email account, and came up with a new "username".