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Yesterday, I took my mom to the ophthalmologist for her routine check up.  The doctor's office is located in a two story building that's filled with other doctors.  As we were leaving, we stepped into the hall where this elderly woman - so frail with her cane - was asking a question to another woman, who happened to have been assisting her mother in a wheelchair.  This frail, elderly woman was looking for the neurologist.  She seemed so lost, and she said she thought she was in the right place, and by the way, I am nearly deaf.

Well, the other woman, helping her mother in the wheelchair, did not know where the neurologist's office was.  So I dashed into a Pediatrician's office down the hall and asked them if they knew if there was a neurologist in the building.  Why there are zero directional signs or at least a directory in the lobby is beyond me.  Anyway, the nice lady in the Pediatrician's office directed me down to the end of the hall.

So, I ran ahead and told the woman to follow me.  Man she was beyond flustered.  As she was walking, she lost her balance and began to fall to the floor.  I am not fast, but I was in that moment! I caught her - my mom took one arm and I took another as we directed her to her doctor's office.  She was almost in tears.  I asked her if she was with someone -  she shook her head, smiled sadly, and she softly told me she was alone.

When we got to the neurologist's door, I made her sit down.  After several moments, a receptionist - or whatever the hell she was - simply said "name"??  I told her this woman sitting here, whose name was Laura was by herself and she fell in the hall.  I said she needs your help! Let me just tell you that when I spoke to the receptionist, I was quite animated and spoke loudly and clearly - as I had genuine worry for this poor woman!

This idiot of a receptionist hands me a paper and tells me to review the information and verify its validity.  OMG - if she did not hear me...practically screaming at her to help this ailing is this ailing woman supposed to get any help?

I suspected that Laura - this ailing, frail human being - had recently suffered a stroke or something similar.  And she was completely alone. I'm not exactly sure how she arrived at the doctor's office (did she drive? Uber? Cab?) I don't care how she got there- she should not have been alone.

The vision of this poor woman --- alone in a hallway, struggling alone to get to her doctor --- has haunted me for the past 24 hours. So many times, the elderly are just dismissed, whether intentionally or not.  I know that I have been guilty of this (not intentionally).  I don't know if Laura has kin around - I did not ask.  But, I am praying that all the children and grandchildren out in the world make it a point to check on their elders. Spend a lousy 10 minutes a week and call them to say hi, see if they need anything. Send a freaking card in the mail! MAKE TIME FOR THEM because one of these days, they won't be here anymore. And most importantly, your time is coming and you, too, will be elderly and forgotten.



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Your post tears at my heart. I as you know care for my 84 year old mother. I cannot imagine my mother being in this situation. She gets confused with simple tasks. You are absolutely correct in telling children/grandchildren so in and so forth to make that call, visit if they are near. Our parents/grandparents should be revered! We must never forget who was there when we were growing up!

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Bless your heart for helping that poor lady as the caring, competent person you are. Grrrr....on the lack of building directory. I can understand how the lady helping her mom into the wheelchair couldn't help much. She was probably overwhelmed with that alone. My mom had dementia and, even though we had a trustee for her, it was good that I was also on her team as I was with mom often. One walks a tightrope when dealing with caregivers in facility homes. Be careful how you ask for things. Well, aside from that, it was crazy that the receptionist thought you were Laura's caregiver. So annoying and one wonders about her capabilities. And that Laura was alone. But not all elderly are willing to accept help, or nice about it. So, who knows what the family situation is for Laura. But someone should arrange for a caregiving agency. Still, I agree with your post that people need to take care of each other, look out for and check on each other, regardless of familial connection. There is such a thing as karma, after all.


I wish our society valued compassion and help for people. This will be me - I don't have any children. I'm so grateful my parents live near me, and I have two helpful sisters. One sister and her husband live within walking distance of my parents. That is one of the greatest blessings of my life.

My mom had her routine check

My mom had her routine check up at the ophthalmologist today. adult night care near me Everything went well and she was given a clean bill of health. She was happy to hear that her vision was still good and that she didn't need to make any changes to her current prescription. The ophthalmologist did mention that she should start using eye drops for dry eye, but other than that, everything was good.

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