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Winner - Mixed Metal Earrings and Bangles

Once again, I very much appreciate all the well wishes for me, as well as comments left on my blog and my Facebook post!  It is truly very much appreciated!


A Bump in the Road...and yet another Giveaway!

For the past 30 months (if I have done my math correctly), I have gone NO WHERE without wearing a mask.  I keep hand sanitizer in my car and have not stopped cleaning my hands upon entering AND leaving. My mother and I STILL wear masks in church, though the number of people wearing them is dwindling fast. I am double Vaxxed and double boosted - even though all 4 shots made me so ill for two days. I am not Political in any way shape or form --- I think all politicians are bought. So, I don't think COVID is a "conspiracy".

Update...and a Give Away!

Well, I had the intent to religiously blog again in 2022.  But, I can honestly say, I have never had jewelry sales this low...not even the first year some 10-12 years ago when I started selling!  It is depressing, to say the least!  I know...the economy is at its worst, gas prices are high, groceries prices are through the roof, the overall cost of living is, frankly, hard to live with.  The stopped-up-COVID-supply-chain is still "stopped up".