I took an Quick online Class...and ... a Giveaway!

In my last blog post, I was excited about new inspirations and hopefully, getting into my studio and actually creating.  But...life happens.  I live in a new home, and it was time for the builder to complete the "one year walk through".  This included fixing all the nail pops (hundreds of nail pops...not kidding); caulking the molding that has separated from the walls, painting, etc. This is all standard stuff - as the house acclimates to hot and cold weather over a 12 month period, the trimwork settles, etc. It took over a week to complete all this work so we just kept moving from room to room all day long, just to stay out of their way.  Not really complaining, as the house looks spanking new again.  But, alas, my momentum for creating was non existent...again.

So, Jessica Cote (aka Rosy Revolver) advertised for a new online class and I knew this was what I needed!  This was my 5th online class with Jessica - I love her classes....not just the projects and techniques...it's the tips I crave! Jessica is very generous, as once you purchase the online class, there is no timeline for completion and it is alaways available! I first met Jessica in 2013 (I think?) when I took an in-person class with her and Richard Salley at a local art venue called Art Bliss. Her online classes -- and the continued support she offers via private Face Book Groups and/or emails--- is the next best thing to in person learning! I encourage all makers to visit her site and peruse the classes as they are offered - you will not be disappointed!

This class was for creating anticlastic Saddle Rings.  Now, I typically do not sell rings online.  For me, a person with very few followers, they just don't sell.  But I love to create them!

I actually took an online class for a similar ring with a different teacher years ago. The rings made in that class were much more ornate - and her classes had to be completed within a certain time frame (I believe it is 6 weeks). And, the rings were not anticlastic (picture a horse saddle - those little curves on the ends are the anticlastic curves that I am speaking about).

Achieving that curve was the technique I was after. I finished two rings!


I think they turned out pretty good!   It was a fun class- and achieving the perfect curve for the bezel on that stone in ring on the right was CHALLENGING! And by the way, I use Hone and Highlight to achieve that amazing patina on those rings! Hone and Highlight is a tumbling media, also created by Jessica and available here. I love it!

The Giveaway!

This is the ring that I am giving away to one of my readers!

It's hand stamped, and I have added a pretty sun to the center of the ring, surrounded by some cool texture.


The ring measures approximately size 7 1/4 (US).

The ring is actually quite comfortable to wear.  But I realize this style ring is not for everybody - it's a large ring and really has presence!  It's a lot of sterling silver - it measures 42.75 mm from end to end (1.685 inches).  I think it is a beautiful statement ring!

The giveaway is open to anyone but is limited to those who reside in the United States. 

All you have to do to win this ring is leave a comment on this blog post OR you can leave a comment on my Giveaway Post on my Facebook page (link here). The Giveaway post will be pinned to the top of my business Face Book page).

I will pick a winner within a week or so!

Good luck to those who enter, and thanks for stopping by!







ring giveaway

You are so talented. The ring is awesome!

Thank you for a wonderful give away Patti!

saddle ring contest

thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful ring.
I love your work and heart!!


Patti - that is stunning! I can't believe the work that must have gone into that. You have done such a beautiful job. Thank you for the chance to win.


It’s always fun taking a class to learn something new that you’ve been wanting to learn. Both rings are beautiful and whoever wins the giveaway will be blessed to have one of your creations. Keep on doing what you do to add beauty to this world.

Beautiful work! I love how

Beautiful work! I love how classes can really re-energize you.

Love those rings!

Love those rings!

Love those rings!

Love those rings!


That's a statement for sure! I love the surface treatment you're getting. I need to try some new ideas for finishing.

Awesome Statment Ring!

The ring is awesome and I love your work !
I can see that this is only for those who reside in the United States, but I had to leave a comment anyway :)

Ring giveaway

Patti, I know exactly what you mean about getting back into the studio. I don’t have a new house, but I do have an addition to the furry children! I love taking classes that push you to new thought processes. It is a beautiful statement ring, and you are so incredibly generous to offer it as a giveaway! I’m looking forward to seeing more designs from your class time with Jessica.

Ring giveaway

WOW! That is an incredible piece of art. I would be honored to wear it.


I love big statement pieces! I lost a ring like this in the fire. Your work is incredibly beautiful. I wear my turquoise pendant all the time and get so many compliments. I hope I win!

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