July 2022

Winner - Sterling Silver Hollow Form Pendant with Faceted Ruby

Thank you to every one who took the time to leave a comment on my last blog post -- or Facebook posting -- related to entering the contest to win this sterling silver hollow form pendant with faceted ruby!

I did read every single comment and I truly thank you for your kind words!!!

I went the old fashioned way to choose a winner this time.  I typed up all the names, cut up the paper, folded each name, and placed them in my bowl! After a thorough mixing, I chose a name, and the winner is.....

July's Birthstone and a Giveaway!

I nearly missed the birthstone for July for my giveaway today ... It's the Ruby! 

Announcement...Winner of the Sterling Silver Pendant with Artisan Lampwork

Once again, I made a list of names of those who commented on either my blog or my FaceBook Post, assigned each name a number, and let Random Number Generator choose the winning number. The winner of this sterling silver ncecklace with artisan lamwork cabochon made by Mikelene Reusse...


is Mary Henderson!

Mary, I will be contacting you to verify to your mailing address and will send this out to you ASAP (well, via USPS-snail mail)!

Thank you everyone for your comments - it is truly appreciated!

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

...by that phrase, I mean let's have another Giveaway! I made a sweet little pendant from this piece of sterling silver, which I first roll printed with a pattern. And I am giving this pendant away!


A huge thank you to everyone who took the time to read my blog - some very lovely comments were written on my blog and Facebook page, and I am truly grateful! Wire wrapping artisan lampwork beads was one of my very first projects into this world of jewelry design, and I still enjoy creating this art from!


I complied all the names, and numbered the comments.  Random Number Generator chose the winning number for me.

So, the winner of the sterling silver bracelet and earrings, with gorgeous beads made by the very talented Jody Ellen Brimhall is....