Blog entry


A huge thank you to everyone who took the time to read my blog - some very lovely comments were written on my blog and Facebook page, and I am truly grateful! Wire wrapping artisan lampwork beads was one of my very first projects into this world of jewelry design, and I still enjoy creating this art from!


I complied all the names, and numbered the comments.  Random Number Generator chose the winning number for me.

So, the winner of the sterling silver bracelet and earrings, with gorgeous beads made by the very talented Jody Ellen Brimhall is....


Update...and a Give Away!

Well, I had the intent to religiously blog again in 2022.  But, I can honestly say, I have never had jewelry sales this low...not even the first year some 10-12 years ago when I started selling!  It is depressing, to say the least!  I know...the economy is at its worst, gas prices are high, groceries prices are through the roof, the overall cost of living is, frankly, hard to live with.  The stopped-up-COVID-supply-chain is still "stopped up".