A Bump in the Road...and yet another Giveaway!

For the past 30 months (if I have done my math correctly), I have gone NO WHERE without wearing a mask.  I keep hand sanitizer in my car and have not stopped cleaning my hands upon entering AND leaving. My mother and I STILL wear masks in church, though the number of people wearing them is dwindling fast. I am double Vaxxed and double boosted - even though all 4 shots made me so ill for two days. I am not Political in any way shape or form --- I think all politicians are bought. So, I don't think COVID is a "conspiracy". It's just a disease that I never wanted to get, nor give to my asthmatic spouse, or my 87 year old mother.

Last Tuesday, I let a contractor in my home - he was in and out all day.  I was not even that close to him.  But neither of us wore masks.  On his way home, he texted and said he just tested positive for COVID.

Great. I could not believe I let my guard down - there is no such thing as "safe", in my eyes.  Pissed in an understatement - though I am not pissed at anyone in particular.

I am on Day 4 of COVID.  So far, everyone else in the house is fine. I feel blessed I can quarantine in my basement (and guest room) - not everyone has that luxury. I feel a tiny bit better at 6:00 PM today than I did when I woke up this morning.  I have never once had a fever, aches and pains, chills, problems breathing, fatigue, yadda yadda --- just the most intense headache I have ever had for two days, a sore throat, and the worst congestion known to man (I don't exaggerate on that pressure from congestion either)!   I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Mucinex D (the kind you get from the pharmacy and have to sign over your life to purchase because it contains pseudoephedrine).  I believe it is the reason why I feel I am on the upswing tonight and truly see the light at the end of this tunnel that I never wanted to travel through.

I do not dislcose that I have COVID for attention or pity - far from it!  I just want people to stay safe and not let your guard down....Suffice it to say no one enters my abode again with wearing a mask.

The Giveaway

Enough of that nonsense!  I went back to my roots for this Giveaway!  Copper and Sterling Silver - it is truly a match made in heaven! Sweet little hand cut copper rounds - with a nice texture on both sides - accented with just a touch of silver at the top!  And when you darken with patina, and polish....just love it!

I could not stop with earrings.  So, I made three sweet little bangles from 12 gauge copper, gave them a hammered finish, and soldered on a sterling silver coil.  Because these are both copper and sterling, they look great in a stack on the arm with other bracelets - regardless of the metals!  These are averaged sized bangles (8" round) and will fit almost everyone!  If not, they make a wonderful gift!!

So there you have it - a sweet little pair of earrings and three bangles!  

How to Enter to Win

All you have to do to enter to win is leave a comment on this blog post OR leave a comment on the applicable Facebook post!  You do not need to leave a comment in both places...

As always, thanks ever so much for stopping by - I relish every comment made throughout my social media posts, and I sincerely thank you for taking the time to leave them!

Most importantly, I wish you all good health!





Love your jewelry

These are absolutely gorgeous. Pray you feel better soon ❤️

Give away

Patty you are a women of true talent and your donation to MHR is the greatest gift of all. I thank you as well as all the animals of MHR. We love you

I hope you continue to get

I hope you continue to get better! My church is slowly unmasking as well….very sad…

Love, love the bangles!!

earrings +bangle contest

I truly hope you're back to good health soon!
Your work is beautiful as usual.
Thanks for the opportunity to own them!

Giveaway and Prayets

Praying for a quick healing and no one else gets sick. Admire your art. Thank you for the giveaway.

Hope you feel better soon!

Hope you feel better soon! Love the earrings and bangles!

Giveaway and Well Wishes

Hi Patti, I love the throw back earrings and bangles. Copper and silver are lent to go together. I had the first strain of Covid and it wasn’t that bad except for one night when I couldn’t catch my breath, but I made it through. I’ve heard that this latest strain causes sinus headaches. I pray that you are over the worst of it and on the backside and getting well.


Jewelry is beautiful!
Covid stinks! I wore a wool coat and ugg boots to bed because of chills, and had the worst sore throat of my life!
I hope you feel better every day!

Bracelet and earrings

I really love the Bracelet and Earrings..
They complement each other so much!! Especially, the different metals you've used, Gorgeous ❤️❤️

Patti, yesterday I wore the

Patti, yesterday I wore the lovely necklace and earrings I got a few months ago. You would not believe all the compliments I received! A couple of my granddaughters have already asked me if they could have it. Of course they can, but not quite yet! I’m enjoying the compliments too much! The earrings and bangles are beautiful, as is all of your work.


Feel better soon! Your work is so beautiful! My daughter still loves her spinner ring you made!

Great writing

I loved your piece about mask, covid, disease, politics. I think I might need to copy it some time. I feel the same. What a bummer about the worker exposing your household. And bummer that you got sick. Luckily, mom and spouse did not. It sounds like you're on the mend and the evidence is in the beautiful earrings and bangles. Soldier on, girl!

I love all the pieces I have

I love all the pieces I have purchased from you and have had friends purchase gifts for me from you, knowing that the money will help Miracle Horse. I hope you experience a quick end to your COVIC journey. I think we're all getting too complacent. I sometimes feel like an outcast wearing a mask in the grocery store but it's worth it for my peace of mind.

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