Winner - Sterling Silver Hollow Form Pendant with Faceted Ruby

Thank you to every one who took the time to leave a comment on my last blog post -- or Facebook posting -- related to entering the contest to win this sterling silver hollow form pendant with faceted ruby!

I did read every single comment and I truly thank you for your kind words!!!

I went the old fashioned way to choose a winner this time.  I typed up all the names, cut up the paper, folded each name, and placed them in my bowl! After a thorough mixing, I chose a name, and the winner is.....

Celine Godin-Migyanka, please send me your address via email ( and I will send this out to you via USPS!

I have already made something for my next giveaway, so stay tuned!

Once again, thank you for taking the time to read my posts and leave such lovely words of encouragement!







Congratulations Celine, for winning the gorgeous Ruby pendant.

How does one get in touch with you?


I can't find where I can get in touch with you directly. Do you work in gold? I am looking for a bracelet - something that I can wear everyday.



How to get in touch with me

Hi Karen! At the very bottom center of every page on my website is the word “CONTACT”. It you click on that, you can send an email directly.

I have only dabbled in gold, as it’s a bit expensive to keep in stock (roughly $1,800 per ounce, give or take a couple $$). But, thanks for asking!

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