Lather, Rinse, Repeat that phrase, I mean let's have another Giveaway! I made a sweet little pendant from this piece of sterling silver, which I first roll printed with a pattern. And I am giving this pendant away!

I mentioned in my last blog/giveaway that artisan lampwork glass was my very first "love" in the jewelry world.  My love for this artform has never wavered!  I took a quick class (OMG how many years ago???) on making glass beads - Kerry Bogert was the teacher (she is no longer in the jewelry biz).  I was so naive -I had zero understanding of how the beads were made.  I had been making jewelry for maybe only a year or so - NEVER HELD A TORCH!  So, from this class, I learned about annealing beads.  The glass is melted in a hot flame, wound on a rod to form the bead, and then slowly, slowly cooled in a kiln. Simply put,glass is a fragile product and this annealing process takes away some of the fragility.

Well, I did not even own a torch at that time, much less a kiln.  So I decided that while I would continue my love for the art form (which I still do!) I would fully support all of these talented artists glass artists by buying THEIR beads!

Today's pendant features a glass cabochon, made by the artful hands of Mikelene Reusse (her shop can be found here). While I understand the process of making a lampwork BEAD, and rounding the molten glass around a mandrel, I have no idea how the flat-back cabochon is made!  I have never seen it done. But I imagine it is 10 times more difficult than the making a bead!  I mean - when you look at the cabochon below - the intricate "painting in glass" to the nearly perfect roundness of the cabochon itself - I will leave the making of this art form to the professionals! :)

Sidenote:  Mikelene is also an extremely talented silversmith - I own several pairs of earrings made by her talented hands!  (Her jewelry shop can be found here).

Mikelene used gorgeous colors to create this cabochon, and it features a flower in the center of the glass!  She has appropriately titled this cabochon "Wild Orchid". The glass is transparent - when you hold it up to the light, or wear this beauty with a white top, the Wild Orchid pops, along with the lovely amber shades  and pops of color in the backdrop.  So pretty!

To make this necklace, I roll printed a pattern on sterling silver, and used a "shadow box" type setting with square wire along the outer edge.  I cut a circle in the back of the pendant, to fully realize the transparency of the cabochon.  The pendant is 2" long by 1 5/8" at its widest point, and it hangs from a beautiful, 18" sterling silver box chain.


How to Enter to Win this Necklace!

Just leave a comment on this blog post OR my Facebook post that advertises this Giveaway.  One entry is all you need - duplicates will not be "counted".

I will pick a winner in a few days!

Once again - thank you so much for stopping by!






Love the cabochon!

Love the cabochon!

This necklace is stunning! I

This necklace is stunning! I love the beautiful Latina!

Just lovely! You are so

Just lovely! You are so talented!

Beautiful necklace! You work

Beautiful necklace! You work is amazing!


You have out done yourself..This is absolutely stunning ❤️❤️

Gorgeous Pendant

Hi Patti,
Your work is always so beautiful. Your class in lamp works was similar to my class with PMC, I love it, but I will leave to the people that have all the equipment and talent for that medium. I smiled when you said you had no idea how Mikelene made the cab, because I know how she did it. I’ve made glass cabs before, although not as intricate as Mikeelene’s, the magic happens in the kiln.
I love, love your pendant.



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