A Walk Down Memory Lane

First off, I'd like to thank all who left comments on my last blog post (including my Face Book page)!  That post was basically about what I did with a very small amount of teeny weeny gemstone beads. I had several people comment that I should make bracelets.  I should have been more clear in my blog post.  These beads were "left overs" from previous projects - sometimes I only had 12 beads to a bag. And, with the small sizes, it would only amount to about 2" of beads. So, a bracelet would not work with the quanitity of beads remaining.  But again, thanks for the suggestion - I am always up for new ideas in how to use my stash!

Today's post is walk down memory lane for me. September 2022 is my 10 year anniversary of opening my online shop.  It first began on Etsy when the site catered to small, hand crafted and artisan creations.  The good old days! Etsy has since sold out and while there is still an artisan prescence, one has to really search for it. There is so much mass-produced wares on this site that my head just spins. And it seems that every year, Etsy charges and collects more and more fees from its sellers. I left selling on Etsy 5-6 years ago and opened my site on Indiemade - I only shop on Etsy from seller's who I KNOW and truly create handmade wares.

But I digress.  I was going through my stash, and came across a small bag of artisan lampwork:

My goodness - there was not even a label on the bag (so unlike me) but I knew they were made by Kelley Ford Wenzel!  I love the lentil shape beads, but, look at the tiny little eggs!!

Are these not the cutest beads!!! 

Kelley made the very first artisan lampwork that I ever purchased online AND she was my first Etsy and PayPal purchase! I vividly remember because I screwed it up, messaged her, and she was kind enough to phone me and walk me through the PayPal process!  Isn't it funny the details one remembers?! Sadly, Kelley no longer makes beads - but, she has, happily, moved on to her dream job and is a fabulous photographer based out of Atlanta, Georgia (though she does travel)!

Anyway, that bag of wonderfulness also had a set of 4 additional lentil beads with the most beautiful markings! I had to make a bracelet!

Artisan Lampwork and Brass Bracelet

She made the "speckles" on those beads by melting tiny bits of glass, called frit, into the main color of the bead. I just love this effect! I paired the beads with brass, and added two charms made of Lapis Lazuli.  If you closely at her beads, there is just a hint of blue!

The rest of my day will spent cleaning up my studio - oh my.  Bits of everything everywhere!  I normally clean my studio before leaving it for the day.  Sadly, that has not been the case lately. So cleaning I will do!

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That bracelet is absolutely stunning!

That bracelet is absolutely stunning! The marvelous beads combined with your brilliant creativity makes for an exceptional piece. You go girl...keep finding those amazing bits.

Fun Memories

Such fun memories and nice to find "lost" beads. I wish I were organized and labeled most of my things and usually clean up after creating. My studio is chaos! I love your beautiful bracelet.

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