Moving on (Again...) and a Thank you Giveaway!

My last blog post, regarding META and its unjust shut-down of my Instagram page...twice in a month...was my most viewed/popular blog post since I began blogging in 2011. I want to thank everyone who took the time to post a comment either on my blog or on Facebook - I sincerely thank you! 

I had such a horrible week right before the last shut down, and my emotions simply took over.  My bff FOREVER - Sarge - had non-emergency surgery to remove a mole that was growing dangerously close to his eye.  We think Sarge is about 11 years old (he was a rescue) and his breed (part beagle and part pointer) is famous for getting non-cancerous moles as they age.  This one was proving to be bothersome to his vision, so we had to do it!.  In April of this year, he had emergency spleen removal surgery. Though he recovered well from the April surgery, his recovery from the mole removal was just horrible.  He had so many reactions to both the anesthesia and the prescribed drugs over several days--there were a couple of late nights we almost drove to the 24 hour emergency vet.  BUT - it's all water under the bridge and everyone has had several good night sleeps!  

Anyway, when I am tired and stressed, I simply cannot control those emotions! I am sure everyone, at one time or another, has experienced identify theft. This "shut down" felt just like the very first time I experienced Identity theft...It was 1995, and I opened up my C&P Telephone bill to an amount due of over $12,000. Having no internet in 1995 to reach C&P telephone Customer Service at 7:00 pm is just the same as living in 2022 and trying to get customer service from Instagram. I equate both of these experiences as a serious personal violation - and with zero customer service for clearing up the matter, I simply felt defeated.

Bottom line - Instagram or no Instagram - I cannot shut my shop down, for so many reasons.  I need to create - it's my outlet! I have been making jewelry for well over 10 years now (12? cannot remember!) I have so many supplies, begging to be crafted into wearable art! And, in 2014, I made a pact with myself to donate 100% of every sale (less postage/PayPal fees) to charity. With the economy tanking right now, all charities need those donations even more than before!

And...three days after I made my last blog post...I received this in the mail...

Turquoise, Rhodochrosite, Spiny Oyster, Edison Pearls...all kinds of absolute goodness! Holy Moly!! So, I definitely have things to do in the days ahead! :)

The Giveaway

I updated my shop the past two days with several bracelets and earrings.  This was my favorite make from the past few days:

Gorgeous chunks of Amazonite  - look at how perfectly they live with this inlay bead from Tibet!  It's a stretch bracelet - so, so comfortable on my wrist!  It's chunky but not huge - and would look amazing stacked with other bracelets! (see more photos of this bracelet for sale here)  Well, I liked it so much, I made a similar bracelet as a Giveaway!

This giveaway features the same Amazonite nuggets,  another fabulous artisan inlay bead from Tibet, and pewter spacer beads.  Because this is a stretch bracelet - it is sized to fit just about everyone! :)

Want to win this bracelet?  Just leave a comment on this blog post - OR on my Face Book page that announces the contest!  I will pick a winner in a few days!

To better times, people!  Thanks for stopping by!!





Patti this is stunning, I'm putting my 2 bits in in this giveaway, I always love seeing your items, hugs


Hi Patti! So happy Sarge is recovering. Gosh I hope you don’t shut down your shop. I have many of your pieces and all just gorgeous! There are several pieces I really love and want currently but it’s one thing after another. But still hoping they are available when I am able. This bracelet for the giveaway is spectacular. Looks like a beautiful ocean I wish I was swimming in now lol.

That gorgeous bead and turquoise rings

Patti, every time I see your gorgeous creations I want to add something new to my collection! Thanks for sharing your talents with all of us, and using your talent to also bless Miracle Horse. You make the world a better place.


Such beautiful work!

I’m glad you’ll continue to create and push through despite all of the things going on right now.

Would love to win to gift this piece to a wonderful friend of mine.


Thank You

We thank you for your generosity and kindness you make a difference for the horses in our care. Thank you!

Beautiful Patti- would love

Beautiful Patti- would love to give this to my daughter as she does so much for me. And knowing it helps the horses is a bonus! So glad you’ve decided to hang in there
Like the rest of us.

Hooray for beads!

Nothing like a bit of gorgeous bead mail to make you rethink your life! Drooling over here! It has been EONS since I bought strands like that. Totally miss going to my annual bead shows for such things. Glad you have cleared the air and let the funk out. Your bracelets are beautiful and you are a thoughtful and kind and generous soul. Love my new earrings! Keep creating if for no other reason than to create because it is an escape and a healer, these creative vibes we have! Enjoy the day! xo Erin

Gorgeousness! (Like always)

Oh, Patti, this makes me so happy! From Sarges full recovery, to you getting bead mail on the day you considered calling the game, makes me happy. I’ve long been in awe of your gorgeous bead work and was so sad when you announced you were possibly quitting on FB. I’m a jewelry artist myself, and have been struggling with this very same question. Jewelry has been placed on a back burner, it seems, with all the bead magazines shutting down and the big bead stores closing their doors. And yet, I still sell my jewelry. I have a niche where I live and I’m truly happy sharing my work with others. Anyway, all that to say, I understand your frustration with IG and META. And I’m so glad I can look forward to seeing your gorgeous work for years to come.

Yay for You!

I'm so glad that you took a deep breath with all that you had on your plate and turned yourself around to keep on keeping on. You can't possibly stop creating your beautiful jewelry. The world - and Sarge - needs you! What a stunning bracelet you created. Aqua and blues are always my favorites, but it's hard not to love everything that is a Patti creation. Huggies!

your recent post to Facebook

Patti I know what u feeling! in my case it was me that experienced some serious health problems. In May I fell and fractured my right arm, and then came down with cellulitis, edema. I was not able to make jewelry, draw, paint ect. i couldn’t drive! my whole world changed in the span of time! I am healing and I can do a little jewelry making! I was at a point where I didn’t know if i wanted do any crafts at all! i had to fight with my self but finally decided I did want to start making pieces. i have limitations due to the fractures but that will heal eventually! u are one talented lady so don’t quit!

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