In August, my Instagram account was somehow hacked and trying to get a live person at META/Instagram is impossible.  After setting up a new account - where I have a total of 13 posts ... 11 jewelry pictures, one picture of my backyard, and the last picture of two loaves of bread I had baked.... my account was JUST suspended by Instagram because the content of my posts is not up to Instagram Standards.

In trying to follow their directions to "disagree" with their decisions, their attempts to send me a code via my verified phone number does not work.

I am truly kinda done here.  Burnt Toast.

I don't normally write my blog posts with such negativity and emotion - but I am truly at my wits end.  I am on the brink of closing this business for good. I understand today's economy; I understand that jewelry  --- to most people --- is a luxury.  I even revamped my shop where there is a substantial collection of gifts under $35. I just cannot move the inventory. Running on empty here.





I'm sorry

I'm sorry it's gotten so hard when it's something (I believe) you enjoyed and liked helping a good cause. But I realize so much has changed. That exact thing happened to me with both the suspension (my posts are jewelry and cats) and not getting the code so I could contest it. Same thing happened weeks earlier to my mom, who had never posted anything because I was just setting up her account. I suspect something is wrong with their system, and they don't even know it because we can't report it! My sympathies that it has become so negative. :(

So sad to hear this news Patti

So sad to hear this news Patti.
Jewelry is a tough market and with today's content being all about video, reels, lives and such, it's even more challenging.
You have always had beautiful jewelry and a beautiful heart, full of caring and giving to others and to your causes, so for this you are successful, even when it feels like things are a struggle where the internet is concerned.
I hope things can work out, and turn around for the better and I hope you are able to continue doing what you love and what lights up your soul.
If there's a way I can help, please reach out.

So sorry to hear this news too, Patti

I’ve been following you for years on social media and your blog so please tell me you’ll still keep up this blog! Watching you grow as a metalsmith has encouraged me to dream of doing that after my husband and I sold our business. I know it’s tough trying to sell jewelry-even the less expensive kind doesn’t exactly fly off the shelves, especially if you have other demands in life to tend to.
Best wishes to you and keep creating even if it’s just for yourself. You make beautiful jewelry.

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