I am Hosting Another Giveaway!

If you have kept up with my blog posts, I recently went into detail about how bad business has been.  But, one benefit is that I am literally poring through every single bag of beads (that number is in the hundreds) to come up with ideas.  Today's make has become my latest giveaway!

The Cross Symbol is one of the most universal spiritual "idols" that is recognized literally around the world. The pewter cross - expertly crafted by artist Inviciti (link to their shop is here) - appears as if it were found in a dig somewhere in the Middle East - a true Relic.  And I love it!  

I almost always pair the Cross Symbol with purple - I attribute this to my Catholic upbringing!  No, this cross is definitely not a Crucifix - but I think amethyst is such a beautiful stone! The matte finish on the beads complements the rustic nature of the cross - and I used two different sizes of faceted amethyst.  I wired a single "shiny" amethyst nugget to the cross pendant. The bail and the toggle clasp are comprised of hammered pewter. Here are a few more pics!

How to Enter the Contest

So simple - just leave a comment on this blog post, or on my related Facebook post.  Duplicate comments will only be counted once, so no need to comment in both places!  I will pick a winner in a few days!

Thanks so much for stopping by!!





Give away

Oh I love this piece!

Absolutely stunning statement

Absolutely stunning statement piece!

What a total masterpiece!

What a total masterpiece! Just beautiful!


Gorgeous necklace, Patti!! The Amethyst beads look perfect with the cross.


A stunning piece of jewellery . Gorgeous design


A beautiful piece of jewellery

The Cross

OMG...this is incredible. I would wear it with such honor. I love the darker purple beads which simply serve to show off the lighter amethyst. The clasp is especially striking and adds beauty both front and back. I also love the silver pieces that outline some, but not all of the amethyst beads. This is a stunning piece that I would love to wear.

Beautiful! I love Amethyst!

Beautiful! I love Amethyst!

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