Set of 3 Stacking Bracelets with Copper and Wood Opalite Gemstones

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Set of 3 Stacking Bracelets with Copper and Wood Opalite Gemstones -  I personally have a love of neutral tones, and these gemstones in their sweet, matte, cube shape fit the bill! This listing includes a set of three bracelets which can be worn together in a stack, alone, or mix them up!  One bracelet features the 7mm gemstone cubes interspersed with copper cubes - the bracelet securely fastens with a copper lobster claw clasp. The second bracelet features handmade links made from solid copper wire - bracelet fastens with a simple hook style clasp. The third and final bracelet features the Wood Opalite gemstones wire wrapped in solid copper, and one handmade coiled link which I made from three different gauges of solid copper wire. The third bracelet fastens with a toggle clasp that I forged from sheet metal, and stamped with a pretty design.

All copper elements have been antiqued, buffed by hand, and tumbled to achieve a gorgeous rustic patina!


Bracelet #1 - Wood Opal Beads, Copper Cubes, Copper Lobster Clasp: Overall length: 8 7/8 inches, adjustable closure with inside diameter up to 7 3/4"

Bracelet # 2 - Solid Copper Link Bracelet with Simple Hook Style Clasp: Overall length: 7 3/4 inches, adjustable closure with inside diameter up to 7 1/4"

Bracelet # 3 - Copper Wire Wrapped Wood Opalite Matte Beads, Handmade Coiled Bead, Handmade Copper Toggle Clasp: 8 1/4" length, 7 1/4"

Wood Opalite

So...what exactly is a Wood Opalite Gemstone?  The following is an expert from Dakota Stones, which is my main source for quality gemstones. 

Wood Opalite is a form of petrified wood. It may be called fossilized wood or agatized wood. Fossilized wood most commonly occurs with Jasper or Chalcedony. Wood Opalite is unique as the impregnating mineral is Silicon Dioxide, hence the name Opalite. Petrified wood occurs after a tree has turned completely into a stone by the process of permineralization. Permineralization takes over 100 years. During this process all the organic parts have been replaced by minerals such as silicate or quartz, but they still manage to keep the structure of the wood. Permineralization can only happen underground, with the lack of oxygen impeding decay. When the wood is exposed to mineral-rich water, mineral deposits create stone in the place of decaying organic matter. Metaphysically, petrified wood is associated with patience and slow, steady growth

Jewelry is made using traditional metalworking techniques, including soldering, filing, sanding, texturing, polishing, and tumbling in my home studio. Jewelry comes wrapped in a cotton-lined gift box and ships quickly. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.  


NOTE: 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this necklace will be donated to Miracle Horse Rescue, a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for helping me help those who cannot help themselves!