Red Brecciated Jasper and Gold Bracelet



Red Brecciated Jasper and Gold Bracelet - So..what is Brecciated Jasper?  Brecciated jasper is simply jasper that has been broken up and melded together with Chalcedony. This process creates beautiful patterns and colors - particularly with the reds -  in the gemstone!  Each bead in this gemstone bracelet different, with its own personality. I have paired these rectangular and square jasper beads with wavy gold spacers - I think jasper craves the warmth of gold! Please zoom in on the images to see the details up close.

The adjustable  bracelet measures approximately 8" in length, which includes a 1" extender chain, and fastens securely with a lobster clasp into any of the links in the chain.  

Metals used in this bracelet include Gold Filled Lobster Clasp, Chain, and Beads; and, Brass  Star Charm and Wavy Spacer Beads.

Jewelry is made using traditional metalworking techniques, including soldering, filing, sanding, texturing, polishing, and tumbling in my home studio. Jewelry comes wrapped in a cotton-lined gift box and ships quickly. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Gold Filled vs. Gold Plated:  Not the same!  The amount of gold used in gold plated (GP) jewelry is less than .05%.  The gold is electro-plated to the base metal alloy (usually jeweler's brass). One tiny scratch on plated metal can expose the base metal.  The amount of gold used in Gold Filled (GF) jewelry is 100% more than Gold Plated - 5%.  The base metal alloy is literally sandwiched between two layers of gold. As long as one takes care of their GF jewelry, it can last a lifetime. To clean, without scratching it, use an untreated cloth or mild soapy water. Do not scrub the piece.

*****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************NOTE: 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this jewelry will be donated to Miracle Horse Rescue, a 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for supporting handmade!